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Illicite sex

Im in my late fourties. Im unmarried. Not having premarital sex is not a biggie for me. I have difficulty getting layed anyway. However My issue is if I ever get married Im probably not going to have kids. Sex is supposed to only be for procreating. You cant tell me all those older KC couples are only having sex to make babies. It sounds stupid as I write it. But I plan on enjoying myself fully if I get married. Any thoughts on this?

from dharma to KC

KC is a voluntary path. If one takes to it, one wants to reach its destination which includes following the method as delineated by guru, sadhu and sastra. If one still has other goals in life yet likes some aspects of KC, he may adopt as much as one can (vegetarian food offered to Krsna, chanting, etc.). But one should be aware of his level of advancement and not avertise oneself as something one isn't.
A side comment: four regulative principles are not really part of the KC, they're prerequisites to it. They're listed in dharma sastras which define the civilized human behavior.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

Thanks. Went to sunday

Thanks. Went to sunday kirtan. enjoyed it and talking to a monk.

where is the like button

where is the like button