Inquiry and Greeting

Hare Krsna,

I am new to the community and have not yet fully converted, but chant numerous times a day. I am opening to the faith and wanted a place to come to ask questions and seek advice of others on the path. My biggest trouble is that I am the only one in my family who could eat Vegetarian, and am looking into the idea of converting to Vegetarian, but my wife and kids will not follow suit. I was brought here by a great love for George Harrison, and the Radha Krishna Temple Album, and the founders album from 1966 with the chant upon it. This is how I was introduced to the faith. Years ago, I attended a Ratha Yatra at Gita Nagari with some friends and was enraptured by it. I look forward to meeting new people here and learning more. There are no Temples close by where I live. They are over an hour or more away. I chant all the time I can. I drive in transport and at times have long distances with no one on borad so have free time to chant. I find it a wonderful meditation and love my times to chant, in fact i think I am addicted to the chant. ;-) I know devotees chant over 1000 times a day. I do not know if I get near that, but must be in the couple hundreds at least. I am wondering, how many chants a day should one focus on to start, and any suggestions about the vegetarian conversion issue? Any direction on this would be great. I have several of the books online and a few in hard copy and am devouring them. My favorite of ocurse is Chant and Be Happy as George Harrison talks here. Anyway, thank you and Hare Krsna

Check out our section on

Check out our section on spiritual vegetarianism and Krishna prasadam. visit to get many more menu ideas and recipes.

It can be difficult to go meatless without like-minded company. There's so much on the Internet, though, that you should be able to find vegetarian cooking videos that may inspire you.

Higher Taste is a good book to start with—not only does it have many recipes suitable for offering to Krishna, it contains some helpful information about vegetarianism in general.

If you spend lots of time on the road, you may wish to check out Iskcon Desire Tree. There you will find practically unlimited talks on various subjects related to the philosophy and practice of Krishna consciousness.

As far as chanting goes, you may wish to look at these videos on the practice of chanting, and learn more about the Hare Krishna mantra in general.

Best wishes!