Jews do not belive in Sin and Hell

Hare Krishna to all the devotees.
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I was talking to a Jew, and he said Jews do not believe in Sin and Hell.
I would like to get some knowledge about Jews and how to preach them Krishna Consciousness philosophy.

if anyone can help me in this regard it will be a great service to Srila Prabhupada as we are trying to preach to a person so that he can become KC.

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You must be talking to a

You must be talking to a "Reform Jew" then. They are basically ethnic Jews who make up their own religion and still say it is Judaism. Judaism definitely believes in sin (the word "sin" comes from Hebrew) and hell (which comes from the Hebrew word Sheol). Often times they do not even know very much about Judaism, sometimes they even name their kids after villains in the Torah because they are so clueless (names like Nimrod).

Its kinda pointless, before anything you need to convince him that there is a real God with real expectations that he has revealed to us. Because he might not even really believe that there is a God if he is a Reform Jew.


Re Jewish hell you could start here:

On Vedic-Jewish connections:

Many devotees are of Jewish origin. Srila Prabhupada allegedly said something close to this: Jews accept KC because they're intelligent and Christians because they're devotional.

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