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Krishna in dreams

I had a beautiful dream one day, there was a little boy, who's hair was shaved, he was wearing round glasses and a white traditional dhoti, with no shirt, he knocked at my door, I thought the boy must have been lost and asked him were he was from and who were his parents, he had a mischevious smile on his face, and said his father's name was Vasudev and Mother's name was Devaki, I was very surprised, and thought the little fellow was pulling my leg, since he may have known that I love Krishna, I asked him the second time and he said the same thing, I was very angry that the little fellow must be pulling my leg even more, and asked him to go home, he would not budge, and he ran to my mother who was standing next to me inquiring what was going on, he ran to her and tightly hugged her around her knees, since he was a little fellow he was barely the height of my mothers knees. when I woke up I reflected on this dream and felt it was the Vamana avatar, as the little boy just looked like Lord Vamana as I had seen in the pictures. I am not sure what Krishna was trying to convey, but surely enough he loved to play little sweet pranks on his devotees.

I request all other devotees also to post their blessed experience of Krishna's dreams for all of us to enjoy.

Jai Shri Krishna

my reply

~~dreams are interesting aren't they..