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New To Krishna consciousness with some questions about lifestyle

Hi, I was after some advice about consciousness.

I have read books by Srila Prahupada on and off many times over the years but have now decided I want to commit my self to a Krishna consciousness. I was wondering how I am supposed to live this lifestyle living in a modern working world? I am married and work 45 hours a week and I am wondering if some of you have advice how I fit this all in. It seems that the bhagavad gita would have me give everything up and become a 100% devotee who lives in a temple. This is simply not an option for me so I am after advice about how to live this lifestyle in a world where I am married and have to work. My wife is very supportive and is interested her self so that is not a problem but I just want to know what steps I should take.

Any advice would be great for people who may have experienced the same problems.

Hare Krishna


There's no universal answer to this since everyone's situation is different. Therefore Krsna describes in BG 12 various levels of commitment.
Some grhastha devotees decrease their material needs and devote more time to KC. Others tend more to karma misra bhakti or karma yoga. Ask various grhasthas in your local temple and with their help try to figure out the best approach for your situation.

Hari Hari
ys Jan