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Picking the right job

hello everyone, Jai Shri Krishna

What are some possible (spiritually approved) jobs that I and many others can perform that is fulfilling? The reason that I am asking is because I used to work in the restaurant business and after learning about the sins of selling meats, my options of employment have become very limited (I've never eaten meat though). The reason they are limited is because I have lets just say "legal problems". So, I have been thinking about going back home to India and becoming a doctor, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to adjust to the country as I grew up here in the States. Is becoming a doctor a proper job for a devotee? Any other help is very appreciated.


Namaste vkpatel ji,

Namaste vkpatel ji,

it's important to judge the nature of different activities and their results according to gunas as per Bhagavad-gita ch. 14 and 18. Vaisnava's job shouldn't be in conflict with four rules and shouldn't involve any other illegal aspects. Being a doctor is quite vague. While Ayurvedic or other traditional medicines shouldn't pose a problem, modern Western medicine is rather tamasic, at least from my pov (chemical drugs with many side effects, commercialization, trying to be above the law, etc.). Still, some Western devotees work as doctors, I know two in CZ. Ultimately the best "job" is Krishna's service. 8)

Hope this helps.

Hari Hari,
ys Jan