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Pictorials in Krishna Book

I think it would be awsome if ISKCON would produce a Pictorial Krisna Book, with lots of pictures but not entirely like the Childrens Krishna Book.

Great :-D

Hey Jan,

Thanks for your contributional thoughts on this :0)

I want to make a video game for Krishna, and am working hard on this there will be two projects 3d and 2d art for each independent tool they are meant as learning tools and not for entertainment though I am hoping for them to be going fun. :-)

As such my 2d will be a hand drawn krishna book interactive story, with comic style art, music, characters, readable dialogue, and maybe some puzzles for adventure.

Anyhow I am excited about the project, I want people to get on board with me sign up for my members area @ if you want to help.

for BBT

This is a suggestion for the BBT.

Do you know the edition with illustrations by Devaki dd?

Hari Hari
ys Jan