Restless Heart, O Gracious Charioteer-of-Parth

As devotee sat on the floor
in front of the table of altar
A very tall and well built Govind
Climbed the wall next to it!
He appeared out of nowhere
And this time He was fair
Unlike the last time when He
Wore the same dangling earrings
Albeit as a pitch-black One with flowing hair
And unlike the time before that
When eyes closed for a moment's rest
He was flourescent blue with a pinkish fair maiden
Suspended in cosmic glare
Larger than life but not surprised
And what was that all about
Bringing the pinkish maiden
galloping on a white horse?
At each of these times one two three...
A purpose to appear had He
she knew why He did it
first to pick a devotee out of there
Then to grace with a visit - transcendental fare
Then whisk one away to realms here and there
Once to demostrate a point in context
With eyes reprimandingly wide
Other times just to grace with a smile
Once to say "Look: you are on your own, I am letting go of the reigns"
He HRshikeshA why did You that!
Horses helter-skelter did neigh
The chariot went zig-zag to the devotee's dismay
Completely free are You to do as You wish, my Beloved
But this time He had a mischeivious grin
As He flashed a glance back
And she knew exactly what He wanted to show and tell
Not just to shock her or cast a spell
It was just to succumb to a trivial query
That ran through the silly mind
How gracious is that Lord Supreme
To give in to a silly wish and dream
But to climb like a spider the wall so straight ?!
Certainly it had to do with His gait
Was it to show How well You vanish onto the altar next?
He wanted to show three things by context
Showed off His maroon sash also in the process
Did He take all these efforts just to play?
"What did you think? That I won't do as you say?"
Seemed to be His point that day
Too quick and agile was He for one slow to the message

Devotees report they catch You sneaking away!
So this how You natkhat play!

Then did You emerge from the vigraha so auspicious
Not before letting the GomAtA be conspicuous
Black they were all of them standing with blessing eyes
In halogen lamp-light so bright
Turn back and go straight and there You were playing hide-n-seek
Before one knew You slipped out right under her nose
Into the corridors of the unique Temple Divine
in broad daylight
He KAnhA KAnhA stop right there!
What style, Your head-dress was unique
A simple cowherd boy in cotton not silk
But You danced some steps and slipped away…

Oh KRshNA GovindA MukundA nArAyaNA
I yearn for You this very moment today
It is Your endless Mercy that You switch complexions or age
my heart is restless-heavy it was never like this till date
You have stirred something that was not stirred yet
When O when will be that day...
NArAyaNA when will You take me away?
So far i was happy to serve You here
Relaxed and complacent : "Oh KRshNa is right here, Lotus Feet stay, He is not going anywhere"
Not so this time to my own complete surprise.
Please don’t break Your promise on Your JanmAshTami day
KrushNAli can't go on and on this way

Shri KRshNa JanmAsTami 2012