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SB 1.3 - Seeing the Lord being freed of ignorance

When a person understands that both the gross and subtle bodies have nothing to do with the pure self, at that time he sees himself as well as the Lord. When the gross and subtle material forms, which are impositions on the soul in ignorance, are removed by the realization of the devotees, one can realize Brahman. This means that the non material form of the Lord is not removed. The difference between self realization and material illusion is to know that the temporary or illusory impositions of material energy in the shape of gross and subtle bodies are superficial coverings of the self. The coverings take place due to ignorance. Such coverings never take place in the Lord. When the coverings are removed from the jīva, the jīva can see Brahman and knowing this convincingly is called liberation or seeing the Absolute.

The impetus for activities is generated from the self, but such activities become illusory due to ignorance of the real position of the self. By ignorance one identifies with the body, but when one meets the self by proper culture, the activities of the self begin. One achieves self realization not by artificial means but under the lotus feet of the Lord. When the living being desires to enjoy material energy, the Lord in the heart covers the living being with forgetfulness, and thus the living being misinterprets the gross and subtle body to be his own self. And by culture of knowledge, when the living being prays to the Lord for deliverance from forgetfulness, the Lord, by His causeless mercy, removes the illusory curtain, and thus the living being realizes his own self. He then engages in the service of the Lord, and all this is executed by the Lord either thru His external potency or directly by the internal potency.