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SB 1.5 - The problem of a separate vision from the Lord

Vyāsa had described transcendental realization in different ways namely by karma, jñāna, yoga and bhakti. And he had recommended the worship of many demigods in different names and forms. The result is that people are puzzled how to fix their minds in the service of the Lord. Whatever is described that is separate in vision from the Lord simply reacts with different forms, names and results to agitate the mind. The intelligence of people desiring to speak on other subjects become disturbed by the words describing these other objects, and can never attain its proper object. Some people desire to speak about topics other than the pastimes of the Lord. Having desired, they speak, and having spoken, someone hears from them. And this causes a different type of vision. Just like a boat beaten by the wind goes in various directions, the intelligence of such people is destroyed because of skilful words, poetry, karma and jñāna.

People in general do not know the common factor in worshipping the demigods as the Supreme Lord. The demigods are different limbs of the Lord. There is nothing in existence except the Lord, who is manifested in different expansions. He is the root of the complete tree, and the stomach of the complete body. The most defective part of worshiping demigods is that it creates a conception of pantheism ending disastrously in many religious sects detrimental to the progress of the principles of the Bhāgavatam.