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SB 1.5 - Separation from the Lord is an illusion

Having taught about bhakti, Nārada next taught knowledge of the worshipable Lord, which is necessary for the devotees. Everyone is related to Kṛṣṇa. Thus the incompleteness and alienation one feels is an illusion. This is because the Supreme Lord is Himself the cosmos, and still He is aloof from it. From Him only has this cosmic manifestation emanated, in Him, it rests, and unto Him it enters after annihilation. The universe is like the Lord because it exists, has life and a form of bliss, but it is not the Lord’s form of eternity, knowledge and bliss. This is because the Lord’s qualities like existence are eternal, whereas the quality of existence of the universe is temporary, because the Lord is different from the universe.

The illusioned living beings perceive themselves as separate from the Lord. The devotee accepts both the personal and impersonal conceptions of the Lord. The impersonal cosmic situation is also Mukunda because it is an emanation of His energy. The part and parcel hands and legs are called the body, but the body as a whole is neither the hands nor the legs. The universe is described as a form of the Lord in small portion because it is an effect of the Lord. Because the Lord is the cause, He is different. The Lord is the transcendental form of eternity, cognition and beauty. And thus the creation of the energy of the Lord appears to be partially eternal, full of knowledge and beautiful. The conditioned souls accept the cosmic creation as all in all.