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SB 1.6 - The awakening of Brahmā and others

At the end of the millennium (kalpa) when Brahmā withdrew the universe with his breathing, and Lord Nārāyaṇa lay down within the water of devastation, Brahmā began to enter into Him along with all the creative elements. Nārada also entered thru the Lord’s breathing. Nārada is also known as the son of Brahmā, as Lord Kṛṣṇa is known as the son of Vasudeva. The birth of Nārada as the son of Brahmā is a transcendental pastime. The Lord and His liberated devotees like Nārada appear in the material world by the same process. After 4 billion 300 million solar years (at the end of previous kalpa and the beginning of this kalpa), when Brahmā awoke to create again by the will of the Lord, all the sages like Marīci, Aṅgirā, Atri and so on were created from the transcendental body of the Lord, and Nārada also appeared along with them.

Brahmā’s day is 4,320,000,000 solar years. His night is also the same duration, during which he rests within the body of Garbhodakaśāyī Viṣṇu. When the sages appear from the different parts of the body of Viṣṇu, Nārada also appears. It is said that the sages are born from the senses of Brahmā. Their birth is actually an awakening from sleep only. This means that Nārada appears in the same transcendental body, just as a man awakes from sleep in the same body. Nārada appears and disappears in his own transcendental body, which is without distinction of body and soul, unlike conditioned beings. Unlike the other sages, Nārada can travel outside the universe because of his devotional service. He is a special soul and stayed in the Lord’s body for 4000 yuga cycles. Sages like Nārada and Marīci do not take physical births, but like Brahmā awaken themselves.