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STATUTORY WARNING: Intoxicating bhajans that may render devotee disinterested in the world

Hare KRshNa

Here is a bhajan by Shrimati Radharani Goswami and group -- so beautiful.

Bhajo Shri KRshNo Chaitann[y]o Prabhu NityAnondo
Hare KRshNa Hare RAm Shri RAdhe Govindo

Jayo RAdhe Govindo, RAdhe Govindo ~

A kind of a ballad - song describing the nAma (name) rUpa (form) lIlA (pastimes) and guNa (divine qualities) of Shri Radhe Govinda after a short introduction and prayer to Shri KRshNa Chaitanya and Prabhu NityAnanda.

X named Him a
Y named Him b
Z named Him c
and Q named Him d

the list goes on -- each devotee has the opportunity to name Him per the lIlA and guNa (qualities) that point to the devotee's focus and rasa (mellow, relationship and mood of devotion).

Would like to write this song down and translate it some day. It is sweet to listen to anyways

Joyo Radhe Govindo S S RAdhe Govindo

** STATUTORY WARNING: Too much listening to such intoxicating bhajans may potentially render the devotee motiveless and having little or no interest in the world.