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Suicidal atheists

I go on the Craigslist discussion groups. I try to preach about Krishna Consciousness. It seems that there are suicidal people and/or attention getters who say they are going to kill themselves. I try to talk to them and advise them. They usually say they are atheists and that they don't want to hear about God. How can I help these unfortunate people?

Afaik, real suicides don't

Afaik, real suicides don't discuss their intention to commit suicide. They just write a goodbye letter. Attention getting is a psychoproblem for a psychologist. To a materialist I'd say:
If you have been brainwashed to believe you're a bag of chemicals, there's no loss (BG 2.26). But if you have a bit of intelligence, read about NDEs of suicides and consider if there may be something of an afterlife and responsibility for one's actions. (Btw, God is a long way from simply accepting afterlife and karma.) Take a look at this intro to death and related issues and then decide:


Hari Hari
ys Jan

Thanks Jan

Does Lord Krishna still love the atheists even though they do no believe in God? I am thinking he does. Is that correct?

The Lord creates for them

The Lord creates for them material worlds, supplies them all their needs beginning with air, water and food, accompanies them in their hearts serving them as an interface with the world and periodically comes to enlighten and save them from samsara. If this is not love, nothing can be. SB 10.14.6-12 is revealing in this regard.

Hari Hari
ys Jan