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Thinking about moving into local iskcon temple.

Hi all!, my names Blair and im thinking about moving into my local iskcon temples ashram, how would i go about doing such a thing?
All comments will be greatly appreciated.

My Travel

Iskcon temple is one of the most visited temples. All peoples visited this place with full of enthusiasm and excitement. I have huge collection of photos of Iscon Temple. Recently when we visited to the India we visited Nandi Hills over there which is really an amazing place.

Wow Blair

Hare Krishna Prabhu

I hope you journey continues and you find your daily relationships in the company of krishna devotees, i wish i could share your journey. If your unmarried, no kids etc, DO IT. before the baggage of this material world makes it harder.



Hare Krisna Blair,

one should first learn what the asram life looks like, by regular visits and several-day stays. Then on agreement with temple leaders, fulfiling required conditions, one can move in. Then usually follows some training in theoretical and practical aspects of Vaisnava temple life.

All the best.

Hari Hari
ys Jan