Thoughts of You O GhanaShyAma SundarA Shri HarA ~

Maraka Kundal:

He is the Lotus-Eyed Sundar GhanaShyAm who herds the cows barefoot ~ People say His flute is most fortunate, but i think His shark-shaped earrings are fortunate, they constantly hit at His cheeks making Him the cutest for all devotees to see and what better devotional service can there be ? Therefore i bow down to those makarakundala (shark-shaped earrings).

Meaning of MAdhav

Jay Radha Madhav KunjaBihari

MAdhav = KrushNa = all-attractive Why ? becs of meanings below:

= madhur - sweet ; epitome, Lord, bestower and source of sweetness and everything sweet (madhurAdhipater akhilam madhuram)

Owner of the sweetest tattva

= spring i.e. 'Rutu Vasant' and just as sweet, enthusiastic and charming as Vasant Rutu (spring) when flowers bloom, birds chirp, bees buzz. So the spring season or Vasant Rtu is a manifestation of MAdhav (KrushNa) as well as a reminder of His Person

= Shelter, support and maintainer of Shri (Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune) i.e. VishNu

Owner of [six] Supreme Oppulences (Shri) : wealth, beauty, renunciation, knowledge, fame, strength

Descendant of madhu is also mAdhav (like yadu - yAdav, pandu - pANdav)

mUkam karoti vAchAlam
paNgum langhayate girim
yat krupA Tam aham vande
param Ananda mAdhavam

My obeissances to (vande) the Highest Anand called MAdhav (KrushNa) , the Ocean of Mercy (krupA), Who can make (karoti) a dumb person (mUkam) speak (vAchAlam) and a lame person (paNgum) climb (langhayate) a mountain (giri).

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Hare Krishna!

Hare Krishna!

Your explaination is great to hear.....

Really nice one.

Raade Krishna!

MadhurAdhipater akhilam madhuram

I am glad you liked it Luckykittu - Krishna's mAdhurya behind it you see, it can only be likable.

Hare KrushNa