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The TukArAm of ISKCON - LoknAth MahArAj Kirtans - and other KirtankArs

Hare KrushNa

Who is known as the TukArAm of ISKCON ? LoknAth MahArAj. This TukArAm compells devotees to sing from there hearts, but more... dance to the Holy Names.

Here is my little collection of Kirtans by His Holiness. Please add your favorite kirtans to this thread :)

Intoxicating Raag - Loknath maharaj -

H H Lokanatha Swami Maharaj at New Dwarka

Kirtan in Vrindavan by His Holiness Lokanath Swami

Loknath maharaj - Radha-Gopinath, Chowpatty (Mumbai) ecstatic

Loknath maharaj - den Haag

Loknath Maharaj at Mayapur

Lokanath Maharaj singing Krishna Jinaka Nama He

Loknath Maharaj on cows - At NandaGaoN (KrushNa's hometown - He grew up here)

Lokanath Maharaj singing Prasadam Prayer


wow, what a collection

wow, what a collection



Loknath Maharaj sings and explains Tukaram Abhanga

Hare KRshNa

Loknath Maharaj sings and explains an original Abhanga composed by TukArAm Maharaj : Govinda Govinda mana lAgaliyA chhanda

The abhanga goes -
Govinda Govinda mana lAgaliyA chhanda - my mind is attracted/addicted to Govinda
Govinda dehaya bheda nahi kaya - no diff in KrushNa , His form and His Holy Names
anandile mana preme pazarti lochana - my mind is filled with Anand and eyes with love, seeing His form...

beautiful raag as well.