Hare Krsna,

There is urgent need to inform as many people what age of Kali Yuga means for the human being.
An urgent need to do everything to convince people to go back to Godhead.
When Lord Krsna came as Caitanya Mahaprabhu about 500 years ago, he taught and recommended that we inform everyone we meet
of Lord Krsna's instructions. Swami Prabhupada also informed us what Kali Yuga means and why it is dangerous for the human beings and souls.
Kali-yuga, the duration of life of Kali-yuga is 432,000's of years. Out of that, we have passed five thousand years. There is balance, 427,000's of years.
Swami Prabhupada explains that chanting of hare krsna will last for about 10,000 years and then finish.
Can you imagine? Finished? And the worst part is that there will be no no grain, no milk, no sugar, no fruit.
Already, in my country we see the proof of devastating effects of this age since less and less land is being used for agriculture and cow protection.
Few persons are investing in protecting cows although many are keen to visit and offer some service and help.
Read an extract of the full conversation below.

Allen Ginsberg: So Kalki comes at the end of the Kali-yuga?
Prabhupada: Yes.
Allen Ginsberg: And is Kalki connected with the Kali-yuga cycle?
Prabhupada: Yes. Kalki, yes.
Allen Ginsberg: So He would come at the end of Kali-yuga to end the yuga.
Prabhupada: Yes. Then Satya-yuga will begin.
Allen Ginsberg: Then what begins?
Prabhupada: Satya-yuga.
Allen Ginsberg: Which is?
Prabhupada: Satya-yuga, the pious. Satya-yuga. People will be pious, truthful, long-living.
Allen Ginsberg: Are those people that remain or whatever new creation comes out of the destruction?
Prabhupada: Some of them will remain, some of them. It will not completely extinguish. Some of them will remain, pious. Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam [Bg. 4.8]. All miscreants will be killed, and out of them, there must be some pious... They remain.
Allen Ginsberg: Do you think of this in terms of a historical event that will occur in the lifetime of your disciples?
Prabhupada: No. This will happen at least 400,000's of years after, at least. So by that time...
Allen Ginsberg: They will go down, down, down for 400,000 years?
Prabhupada: Yes. So at that time my disciples will be with Krsna. (laughter)
Devotees: Haribol!
Prabhupada: And those who will not follow them, they will see the fun, how they are being killed. (laughter)
Allen Ginsberg: 400,000 years. Will people still be chanting Hare Krsna in 400,000...
Prabhupada: No. Hare Krsna will be finished within ten thousand years. There will be no more Hare Krsna.
Allen Ginsberg: Ah. So what will be left?
Prabhupada: Nothing. Left will be I'll kill you and eat you, and you shall kill me. You shall eat me. That will be left.
Allen Ginsberg: After ten thousand years?
Prabhupada: Yes. There will be no grain, no milk, no sugar, no fruit. So I have to eat you, and you will have to eat me. Full facility for meat-eating. (laughter) Full facility. Krsna is very kind. He'll give you facility: "All right. Why cows and calves? You take your own son. Yes. Eat nicely." Just like serpents, snakes, they eat their own offsprings, tigers. So this will happen.
Allen Ginsberg: Kali eats her own...

Prabhupada: Yes. And there will be no brain to understand, no preacher, nothing else. Go. Go to, to the dog. And then Krsna will come: "All right, let me kill you so that you are saved." So...