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How can one get Krishna Consciousness? How can chanting give mental satisfaction?

Q: How can one get Krishna Consciousness? How can chanting give mental satisfaction?

A: The chanting is a spiritual vibration that elevates our consciousness above the material plane.

Q: But how can we be devoted while chanting? Sometimes when we are chanting our mind is thinking of something else. So how do we control our mind towards chanting?

A: Yes. That is why we have to practice. By constant practice we improve. By giving up we fail.

Q: In a single instant of time our mind wanders a lot

A: Yes. As much as the mind goes off, we must bring it back. Just like a mother must bring her child back from his mischief time after time. We must be very patient. Patience is a quality of goodness, which enhances meditation.

Q: Do you mean that meditation is the way in which we can enhance Consciousness? If so, what kind of meditation? Is chanting is a type of meditation? What does Krishna mean?

A: Krishna means the all-attractive person. It is said 3 Ramas equals 1 Krishna, and Rama equals 1000 names of Vishnu.

Q: Did Srila Prabhupada say that Krishna means omnipotent?

A: Mostly he says Krishna means “all attractive.” Omnipotence is just one attractive feature of Krishna.