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How to stop smoking?

Q : how to stop smoking?

A : Have you tried chanting Hare Krishna? Some people get enough spiritual strength simply by doing that to stop smoking.

Q : how can I spend my time on the Web for developing Krishna consciousness? What forums/blogs/websites to join?

A : Read all the 'teachings' material on

Q : which books to start?

A: You should read Bhagavad-gita at some point, but Science of Self-Realization and Isopanisad may be easier. You can go to the Online Books page of and get online versions.

Q : I don’t get inspired to chant. I have a strong desire to serve Krishna. but I am so low. I feel I am disturbing the Lord

A: Two ways to become inspired to chant:

1. Force yourself to chant every day anyway and you will become purified and like it.

2. Serve and glorify devotees who like to chant.

Q : How to do that? How can I have satsang on the Web?

A : On there are some live video lectures in the evenings (USA time).

Q : will Krishna accept me?

A : Krishna is willing to accept people who never stop trying to attain His mercy, no matter what their previous position, as we are all His children.

Q : how to serve devotees?

A: Assist them in their service to the Lord. Is there a Hare Krishna temple near you? If so you can go there when you have free time, and ask what you can do to help.