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If God is self-satisfied, why does He expand as Radharani?

If God is self-satisfied, why does He expand as Radharani?

Our Answer:

We may think that "self-satisfied" means not needing anyone else's company in order to be happy, but Krishna's self-satisfaction is beyond our limited, material conception.

Krishna is indeed self-satisfied; everything that exists is either Krishna or Krishna's energy. He's the self of all selves. He's also the supreme enjoyer, which means that He knows how to enjoy better than anyone else. In order to enjoy, He eternally maintains infinite varieties of loving relationships with His own pleasure-giving energy, known as hladini-shakti. Srimati Radharani is Krishna's hladini-shakti personified.

Krishna is the source of an infinite number of other personalities He manifests out of His own energy, and with whom He can perpetually have ever-increasingly pleasurable relationships. We're all persons—we all enjoy loving relationships—and Krishna is the Supreme Personality, eternally enjoying unlimited loving relationships to an unlimited degree. Our own perfect satisfaction lies in developing our relationship with Krishna; this is the way we can be as self-satisfied as Krishna is.