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I'm a busy student, but not very disciplined, and I suffer from depression. My wife prays to Krishna, but I'm not able to go to the temple much, and spending time with non-devotees, with their negativity and selfishness, makes me more depressed.

Yes, the material world is a difficult place. We are fortunate to have the association of devotees. They're very rare souls. You should go to the temple and take the association of devotees as much as possible. Try to develop some friendships with other devotees who are married so you and your wife can have some Krishna conscious social life together, so at least on weekends you can go to each other's house for kirtan, prasad and reading Srila Prabhupada's books.

You'll definitely have to budget your time. Start the day with a strong morning program. This begins with going to sleep early. Rise early (4 or 5 AM) and chant your rounds, read a bit, maybe listen to a lecture and then study, After breakfast go do what you have to do and return in the evening for more of the same that you did in the morning. Try to show your affection to your wife with gifts and flowers (rather than sex) and she should make your home peaceful by providing a nice, clean atmosphere with nice prasad and good association. If she is also praying to Lord Krishna, that will help greatly.

If you have clinical depression then you should see a professional.

I hope this is helpful.
Laxmimoni dasi