Welcome to our Fall Fundraiser. It takes money and manpower to run Krishna.com. Our staff of enthusiasts tinker tirelessly to bring you the website all about Krishna, delivering Krishna conscious content to over 4000 people a day in 195 countries. That's more than a million people each year. Help us help more people. We still need to raise $12,000 $10,241 to keep Krishna.com alive and vibrant for the next six months. Thank you to those who've contributed $1759 so far. Please help. If everyone reading this gave five dollars—the equivalent of two gallons of gas at current US pump prices—we'd be done with this fundraiser and could go back to doing what we love most... Click here to donate.

International Money Orders

Send Donations From Canada or Japan

International Postal Money Orders are the cheapest and easiest way to send donations from Canada or Japan. Simply go to your post office and pay with cash to send an international postal money order in USD dollar funds to our Krishna.com treasurer*:

Robert Burnside
P.O. Box 430
Alachua, FL 32616

Robert will be able to cash your donation at the post office when he goes to pick up the Krishna.com mail. (For those of you who don’t know him, Robert is one of the most honest and reliable people you’ve ever met. He will see to it that your donation makes its way safely to Krishna.com.) Send us an email to let us know your donation is on its way.

Send Donations From Anywhere in the World

PayPalPayPal - Sign up for a PayPal account in over 55 countries and have funds drawn from your bank account. Great option if you don’t have credit cards or live in a country like India and wish to make regular monthly donations to Krishna.com. Once you’ve set up your PayPal account, just click on any of the options on our main donations page.

Western UnionWestern Union - Go to your nearest Western Union agent (anywhere you see the Western Union logo). Send a money transfer made payable to our Krishna.com treasurer, Robert Burnside, phone: 386-462-7794, at the following location:

Tel: (386) 462-1314

Email us the “control number” you get when you make the payment. We will need to tell our local agent this control number in order to receive your donation.

MoneyGramMoneyGram - Go to your nearest MoneyGram agent (anywhere you see the MoneyGram logo). Send a donation made payable to our Krishna.com treasurer, Robert Burnside, phone: 386-462-7794, to be retrieved at the below MoneyGram location closest to Krishna.com:

Phone: 352-378-0619

MoneyGram will give us a complimentary phone call when the donation arrives if you give them our phone number when you make the payment: 386-462-7794. Just to be sure, email us to let us know you sent a donation and we’ll go and pick it up.

Fees - Both Western Union and MoneyGram charge nominal fees to send money orders. It may be economical for you to consolidate monthly gifts into one gift for the year, or create a PayPal account instead.

Thank you for your contribution. Krishna.com depends on support from kind people like yourself to continue to broadcast the glories of Lord Krishna on the Internet and to expand this service.

*Our former treasurer retired at the end of 2012, so we have a new treasurer. All accounts formerly directed to Pierre Lemieux should be changed to Robert Burnside. Robert is a long-time Krishna conscious practitioner and disciple of Srila Prabupada, and you might know him by his spiritual name Ranjita Dasa.

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