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Kalachand das

My Dear Srila Prabhupada,

When you were very sick, you sent a letter to me, (and other devotees as well), kindly responding to my Vyasa Puja sentiments, saying that your wish was for all of to go on pushing this movement.

The last time I spent with you was when I took a turn singing bhajans inside your samadhi in Vrindavan, in March of 1978.

That was quite an evening.

The full moon for Gaura Purnima was so bright that at 2 in the morning it looked like an overcast afternoon.

All of Vrindavan was chanting the Holy Name—all mixing into one huge chorus—and we camped out on the banks of the Yamuna so we could bathe there to start the New Year off right.

It was the single most spiritual moment I have ever experienced— I felt it was you giving us solace during our period of mourning and grieving.

I feel your presence every day.

Years ago, when the Berkeley temple (on Stuart St.) had just been renovated, we all gathered there during Ratha Yatra to have a group photo taken with you. A reporter asked you, "Who will take your place when you die?", and you said "I will never die. I shall live forever in my books."

Thank you for your continued blessings.

Your servant,
Kalachand Das