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My mind is disturbed even though I try my best to recite Hare Krishna. Any advice?

Q : Hare Krishna, my mind is disturbed even though I try my best to recite Hare Krishna. Any advice?

A : The idea is that when chanting Hare Krishna we practice neglecting the mind and paying attention to the sound of the holy names. It does not matter what crazy ideas the mind comes up with.

Our concern is just to hear the sound vibration of every syllable of the Hare Krishna mantra. When we notice we are paying attention to the mind and not the mantra, then we bring the mind back to the mantra.

Because we have paid close attention and obediently served our mind for as many as millions of births, the difficulty of ignoring it and focusing on the sound of the mantra should not be surprising.

Q : I try to chant Sri Krishna Caitanya during sandyavana. I know it’s not much, and I don’t have the right to seek mercy. Please correct me if I am wrong.

A : But just as a mother patiently keeps her children from causing trouble although they do the same stupid things again and again, we must patiently control our minds.

The important thing is that we are always trying to control the mind by hearing the sound of the mantra attentively. Then in the course of time we will get better, and even now Krishna will appreciate our efforts and give mercy in the course of time...

Q : how constantly should I keep hearing the mantra ?

A : As long as you are chanting, you should be hearing. Try to focus on one mantra at a time, and then part of the mantra at a time, and then a smaller part. Then you won't have time to meditate on the distracting thoughts of the mind and you will become purified by hearing the mantra.

Q : I know I will have many questions again. how to start with step A?

A : First we make a determination to do nothing else except focus on the mantra for this period of time. Then start focusing on the sound of one mantra at a time, and go on to the next. Don't lament about the past or dream about the future, just listen to the sound of the mantra, whether you like it or not, because it is Krishna's desire we chant His name in this age. Set a fixed number of rounds to chant and then gradually increase.