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The Names of Srimati Radharani

Sri Radha Radhika - Lord Krsna's greatest worshiper

Krsna-Vallabha - Lord Krsna's beloved

Krsna-Samyuta - Lord Krsna's constant companion

Vrndavanesvari - queen of Vrndavana

Krsna-Priya - beloved of Lord Krsna

Madana-Mohini - more charming than Kamadeva

Srimati - beautiful

Krsna-Kanta - Lord Krsna beloved

Krsnananda-Pradayini - the giver of bliss to Lord Krsna

Yasasvini yasogamya - famous

Yasodananda-Vallabha - beloved of Yasoda's son

Damodara-Priya - dear to Lord Damodara

Gopi - cowherd girl

Gopananda-Kari - giver of happiness to the gopas

Krsnanga-Vasini - Her residence is on Lord Krsna's limbs

Hrdya - She is charming

Hari-kanta Hari-Priya - Lord Hari's beloved

Pradhana-Gopika - the most important gopi

Gopa-Kanya - the daughter of a gopa

Trailokya-Sundari - the most beautiful girl in the 3 worlds

Vrndavana-Vihari - She enjoys pastimes in Vrndavana

Vikasita-Mukhambuja - Her face is a blossoming lotus

Gokulananda-Kartri Gokulananda-Dayini - She brings happiness to Gokula

Gati-Prada - She gives the goal of life

Gita-Gamya - She is approached by chanting Her holy names

Gamanagamana-Priya - She is the beloved of the omnipresent Supreme personality of Godhead

Visnu-Priya Visnu-Kanta - Lord Visnu's beloved

Visnur Anga-Nivasini - resides on Lord Visnu's limbs

Yasodananda-Patni Yasodananda-Gehini - wife of Yasoda's son

Kamari-Kanta - the beloved of lust's enemy

Kamesi - Lord Krsna's amorous queen

Kama-Lalasa-Vigraha - Lord Krsna's passionate lover

Jaya-Prada - giver of victory

Jaya - She is victory itself

Jiva - She is life

Jivananda-Pradayini - giver of happiness to the living entities

Nandanandana-PatVedatita - beyond the Vedas

Vid-Uttama - the wisest philosopher

Niti-Sastra-Priya - She is an eager student of the scriptures describing ethics

Niti-Gati - the perfect moralist

Mati - the most thoughtful philosopher

Abhistada - the fulfiller of desires

Veda-Priya - an eager student of the Vedas

Veda-Garbha - the mother of the Vedas

Veda-Marga-Pravardhini - the teacher of the Veda's path

Veda-Gamya - She is approached by Vedic study

Veda-Para - She is the supreme goal described in the Vedas

Vicitra-Kanakojjvala - splendid with wonderfull golden ornaments

Ujjvala-Prada - glorious

Nitya - eternal

Ujjvala-Gatrika - Her limbs are filled with glory

Nanda-Priya - dear to Maharaja Nanda

Nanda-Sutaradhya - worshiped by Nanda's son

Ananda-Prada - delightful

Subha - beautiful

Subhangi - with beautiful limbs

Vimalangi - with splendid limbs

Vilasini - playful

Aparajita - unconquerable

Janani - She is the mother of all

Janma-Sunya - without birth

Janma-Mrtyu-Jarapaha - the remover of birth death and old age

Gatir Gatimatam - the supreme goal of the aspiring devotees

Dhatri - the mother of all

Dhatrananda - Pradayini - the giver of bliss to the Supreme creator

Jagannatha-Priya - dear to the Lord of the universe

Saila-Vasini - She resides on a hill

Hema-Sundari - She is beautiful and golden

Kisori - She is youthful

Kamala Padma - like a lotus flower

Padma-Hasta - Her hands are lotuses

Payoda-Da - She is buxom

Payasvini Paya-Datri - She is buxom

Pavitra - pure

Sarva-Mangala - all auspicious

Maha-Jiva-Prada - the great giver of life

Krsna-Kanta - Lord Krsna's beloved

Kamala-Sundari - Beautiful as a lotus

Vicitra-Vasini Citra-Vasini - She is wonderfully fragrant

Citra-Rupini - wonderfully beautiful

Nirguna - free of the modes of material nature

Sri Kulina - born in a pious family

Niskulina - not born in any family of the material world

Nirakula - free from all distress

Gokulantara-Geha - Her home is in Gokula

Yogananda-Kari - delights Lord Krsna when She meets Him

Venu-Vadya - She plays the flute

Venu-Rati - She enjoys playing the flute

Venu-Vadhya-Parayana - fond of playing the flute

Gopalasya Priya - Lord Gopala's beloved

Saumya-Rupa - She is gentle and noble

Saumya-Kulodvaha - born in an exalted family

Moha Vimoha - charming

Amoha - free from bewilderment

Gati-Nistha Gati-Prada - She gives the goal of life

Girbana-Vandya - the demigods offer obeisances to Her

Girbana - She is divine

Girbana-gana-Sevita - served by the demigods

Lalita - playful and charming

Visoka - free from lamentation

Visakha - the star Visakha

Citra-Malini - decorated with wonderful garlands

Jitendria - She has conquered Her senses

Suddha-Sattva - situated in pure goodness

Kulina - born in a noble family

Kulina-Dipika - the lamp illuminating Her family

Dipa-Priya - fond of lamps

Dipa-Datri - the giver of the lamp

Vimala - pure

Vimalodaka - the sacred river

Kantara-Vasini - She lives in a forest

Krsna Krsncandra-Priya - Lord Krsna's beloved

Mati - She is thoughtfulness

Anuttara - unsurpassed

Duhkha-Hantri - the remover of suffering

Duhkha-Kartri - the creator of suffering

Kuladvaha - the noblest in Her family

Mati - She is thoughtfulness

Laksmi - Godess Laksmi

Dhrti - perseverence

Lajja - modesti

Kanti - beauty

Pusti - fukfillment

Smrti - memory

Ksama - patience

Ksirodasayini - She who lies down on the ocean of milk

Devi - the Goddess

Devari-Kula-Mardini - the crusher of Lord Krsna's enemies

Vaisnavi - She is Visnu's consort

Maha-Laksmi - Goddess Maha-Laksmi

Kula-Pujya - worshipped by Her family

Kula-Priya - Dear to Her family

Samhartri Sarva-Daityanam - the destroyer of all demons

Savitri - the gayatri mantra

Veda-Gamini - Follower of the vedas

Vedatita - beyond the Vedas

Niralamba - liberated

Niralamba-Gana-Priya - dear to the liberated

Niralamba-Janaih-Pujya - worshiped by the libertated

Niraloka - unseen by conditioned souls

Nirasraya - Independent

Ekanga - She has one form

Sarvaga - She is all-pervading

Sevya - the supreme object of worship

Brahma-Patni - Brahma's wife

Sarasvati - Goddess Sarasvati

Rasa-Priya - fond of the rasa dance

Rasa-Gamya - the girl Lord Krnsa approached in the rasa dance

Rasadhisthatr-Devata - the predominating Deity of the rasa dance

Rasika - She enjoys the transcendental mellows

Rasikananda - tastes the bliss of the transcendental mellows

Svayam Rasesvari - the queen of the rasa dance

Para - transcendental

Rasa-Mandala-Madhystha - the girl who stays in the middle of the rasa dance circle

Rasa-Mandala-Sobhita - the girl who beautifies the rasa dance circle

Rasa-Mandala-Sevya - She is served in the rasa dance circle

Rasa-krida - She enjoys the pastimes of the rasa dance

Manohara - She is beautiful

Pundarikaksa-Nilaya - Her dark eyes are lotus flowers

Pundarikaksa-Gehini - She is the wife of lotus-eyed Krsna

Pundarikaksa-Sevya - She is served by lotus eyed Krsna

Pundarikaksa-Vallabha - dear to lotus-eyed Krsna

Sarva-Jivesvari - the queen of all living entities

Sarva-Jiva-Vandya - worshiped

Parat-Para - greater than the greatest

Prakrti - the Goddess of material nature

Sambhu-Kanta, Sadasiva-Manohara - the beautiful wife of Lord Siva

Ksut - She is hunger

Pipasa - She is thirst

Daya - She is mercy

Nidra - She is sleep

Bhranti - bewilderment

Sranti - exhaustion

Ksamakula - patience

Vadhu-Rupa - She is a young girl

Gopa-Patni - a wife of a Gopa

Bharati - the Goddess of eloquence

Siddha-Yogini - perfect in the science of yoga

Satya-Rupa Nitya-Rupa Nityangi - Her form is eternal

Nitya-Gehini - She is Lord Krsna's wife eternally

Sthana-Datri - She gives Her devotees their homes

Dhatri - She is the mother

Maha-Laksmi - Goddess Maha-Laksmi

Svayam-Prabha - Self effulgent

Sindhu-Kanya - the daughter of the milk ocean

Dvaraka-Vasini - She who resides in Dvaraka

Buddhi - intelligence

Sthiti Sthana-Rupa - steadiness

Sarva-Karana-Karana - the cause of all causes

Bhakti-Priya - fond of serving Krsna

Bhakti-Gamya - approached by devotional service

Bhaktananda-Pradayini - the giver of bliss to the devotees

Bhakta-Kalpa-Drumatita - She is more than a kalpa-vrksa tree for the devotees

Atita-Guna - the possessor of the greatest transcendental virtues

Mano-'Dhisthatri-Devi - the predominating Deity of the heart

Krsna-Prema-Parayana - the girl completely in love with Lord Krsna

Niramaya - free from all disease

Saumya-Datri - the most gentle, kind and generous

Madana-Mohini - more charming tham Kamadeva

Eka Anamsa - one without a second

Siva Durga - the wife of Lord Siva

Ksema - happiness and auspiciousness personified

Durgati-Nasini - the person who destroys all calamities

Isvari - She is the supreme controller

Sarva-Vandya - worshiped by all

Gopaniya - reclusive

Subhankari - the giver of auspiciousness

Palini Sarva-Bhutanam - the protectress of all living entities

Kamanga-Harini - the wife of Lord Siva who destroyed Kamadeva's body

Sadya-Mukti-Prada - She is the person who quickly gives liberation

Devi - the Goddess

Veda-Sara - the essence of the Vedas

Parat Para - greater than the greatest

Himalaya-Suta Sarva Parvati Girija Sati - She is Goddess Parvati

Daksa-Kanya - She is Daksa's daughter

Deva-Mata - the demigod's mother

Manda-Lajja - bold

Hares-Tanuh - Lord Hari's own transcendental form

Vrndaranya-Priya - fond of Vrndavana

Vrnda - Goddess Vrnda

Vrndavana-Vilasini - The girl who enjoys pastimes in Vrndavana

Vilasini - She is playful

Vaisnavi - Lord Visnu's companion

Brahmaloka-Pratisthita - the predominating goddess of the spiritual world

Rukmini - She is Rukmini

Revati - She is Revati

Satyabhama - She is Satyabhama

Jambavati - She is Jambavati

Sulaksmana - She is Sulaksmana

Mitravinda - She is Mitravinda

Kalindi - She is Kalindi

Jahnu-Kanya - she is Jahnavi

Paripurna Purnatara - most perfect

Hainaveti - Goddess Parvati

Gati - the supreme goal of life

Apurva - She is unprecedented

Brahma-Rupa - She is spiritual

Brahmanda-Paripalini - the protectress of the universe

Brahnanda-Bhanda-Madbyastha - the goddess who enters the material universe

Brahmanda-Bhanda-Rupini - the goddess who Herself is material universe

Anda-Rupa - She is the goddess who is the material universe

Anda-Madhyastha - the goddess who has entered the material universe

Anda-Paripalini - the protectress of the material universe

Anda-bahya - the goddess who is beyond the material universe

Anda-Samhartri - the destroyer of material universe

Siva-Brahma-Hari-Priya - She who is dear to Siva, Brahma and Visnu

Maha-Visnu-Priya - She is Lord Maha-Visnu's beloved

Kalpa-Vrksa-Rupa - a Kalpa-Vrksa tree

Nirantara Sthira - eternal

Sara-Bhuta - the best

Gauri Gaurangi - fair

Sasi-Sekhara - Lord Siva's wife

Sveta-Campaka-Varnabha - She is fair as a Sveta Camapaka flower

Sasi-Koti-Sama-Prabha - splendid as millions of moons

Malati-Malya-Bhusadhya Malati-Malya-Dharini - decorated with jasmine garlands

Krsna-Stuta - She is praised by Krsna

Krsna-Kanta - loved by krsna

Vrndavana-Vilasini - She enjoys pastimes in Vrndavana

Tulasi-Adhisthatri-Devi - She is Goddess Tulasi

Samsararvana-Para-Da - She carries one to the farther shore of the ocean of birth and death

Sarada - She gives what is the best

Aharada - She gives food

Ambhoda - She gives water

Yasoda - She gives fame

Gopa-Nandini - She is a gopa's daughter

Atita-Gamana - very graceful

Gauri - fair

Paranugraha-Karini - kind to others

Karunarnava-Sampurna Karunarnava-Dharini - She is a flooding ocean of mercy

Madhavi Syama-Vallabha - She is Lord Krsna's beloved

Madhava-Manoharini - She charms Lord Krsna's heart

Andhakara-Bhaya-Dhvasta - She removes the fear of darkness

Mangalya - She is auspicious

Mangala-Prada - the giver of auspiciousness

Sri-Garbha - the mother of all beauty

Sri-Prada - the giver of beauty

Srisa - the queen of beauty

Sri-Nivasa - the abode of beauty

Acyutapriya - the beloved of the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead

Sri-Rupa Sri-Svarupini - She is the form of beauty

Sri-Hara - the remover of beauty

Srida - the giver of beauty

Sri-Kama - the desire for beauty

Sridamesvara-Vallabha - dear to Sridama's master

Sri-Nitamba - She has beautiful hips

Sri-Ganesa - She is the beautiful queen of the gopis

Sri-Svarupasrita Srila - She is beautiful

Sruti - She is the Vedas

Sri-Kriya-Rupini - She is the activities of devotional service

Sri-Krsna-Bhajananvita - She devotedly worships Sri Krsna

Sri Radha - She worships Lord Krsna

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