Nature, God and Us

Who are we? How did we get here? Why do bad things happen, no matter how well we plan for them not to? What makes us act in crazy ways? What happens when we die? Is anyone in charge?

Here we delve into some persistent questions.

  • Existence of God—How can we know if God exists? By faith, religion, knowledge, or all the above?
  • Reincarnation—Have we all been here before? You bet. The real question is, "Where are we going next, and how can we avoid coming back?"
  • Life's Problems—When what goes around comes around—with a vengeance—we're often surprised. It helps to know what we're up against in our search for happiness here.
  • Bodies and Souls—Are we bodies with souls on the inside, or souls with bodies on the outside? There's a big difference.
  • Social Issues—Terrorism, euthanasia, economic upset, disease, climate change—these are all symptoms of a greater, underlying spiritual condition. Can these and other serious problems be solved? Not just sidestepped, but solved?
  • Death and Dying—The crest jewel of all the problems we face as living beings. What is this phenomenon we call "death?"
  • Science—What if we were as scientific about God as we are about Darwin?