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Nityaseva devi dasi (Grass Valley, CA)


Obeisances, All Glories To You, Prabhupada.

Learning of YOU was the answer to my countless years of prayers. I had been perplexed and questioning for most of this lifetime. I prayed frequently to learn the Truths of life, and to know "Who? or What? a form of energy? or embodied in some way? Just what is the power known as GOD?

Although now an initiated devotee, too frequently I feel like a neophyte, unintentionally, very innocently, making all kinds of offenses. I beg your forgiveness.

It would have been so very nice if I could have been with you in person. On MANY occasions our locations were quite close, sometimes within the same city! I very easily could have attended your lectures and gone to your Temple. When you were here with us I simply was not yet ready for your Teachings.

Due to my own actions, I only learned of YOU, Prabhupada, in 1992 at age 49. Then, after being completely on my own for quite a few years, in the Spring of 2009 via Back To Godhead magazine I learned of your Bhagavad-gita As It Is e-course. Immediately I signed up, took the course, and 'graduated'.

So many years of this life were 'wasted', needing to use those years in preparation, readying myself for Your Teachings, the Spiritual Truths you brought, and preparing myself to live a Spiritual life. Now I am at your feet.

Sometimes I say to myself "I wish I could have attended lectures and been with Prabhupada when He was here." But, by my own previous actions when you were here with us I was simply not yet ready to accept Your Teachings. I cannot put the blame on anyone else, just my own mode of living.

"I am here now, most fortunate to have been given this chance to have found devotees who 'introduced' me to you Prabhupada, and Krsna/Lord Caitanya. Currently I am 'attending' the Sunday morning (my time zone) on-line chat sessions, and on my own reading/studying the Srimad Bhagavatam until I take my next e-course, most likely in a few months.

Chanting japa and learning Your Vedic Teachings has completely changed my life. I have been lifted from the depths of depression, ignorance, and despair into the 'light of day', and have been given the most priceless gift in all the universe, the Maha mantra, as well as English translations of The Vedas. For the first time in this lifetime my heart feels Spiritually 'at peace'.

My accolades to all devotees who are so lovingly and patiently Teaching the Spiritual Truths contained in The Vedas.

Although a neophyte in knowledge, I am completely committed and devoted to learning as much as I can in this lifetime. I know that chanting japa is purifying, and the purer I am able to chant japa the more I will be cleansed and closer to You I will be. Krsna is in full charge and in control of what happens. I may even have to opportunity to go to an ISKCON Temple in this lifetime!

For all eternity I remain grateful to You, Prabhupada for 'saving' me from the depths if illusion, delusion, and 'hell'. I am determined that under your watchful eye and guidance I will eventually fulfill all your desires for me.

Hare Krsna!

Eternally Your Servant,

Hari Bol,

Nityaseva d.d.
aka Dianne Light
Grass Valley, CA