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Why Meditate?

A brief intro on the subject of mantra meditation

Family offering candle-light to Krishna during Karttika
What are you meditating on?

Life can be full of stress and anxiety. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

What we think about affects us. The good news is we can choose what we think about, and meditation means focusing the mind beyond our troubles on something that will give us lasting benefits.

The kind of meditation the Vedas recommend—for those of us living in the twenty-first century—is mantra meditation. This focuses the mind on the repeated sound of a mantra—a word or combination of words meant to free the mind.

There are many different kinds of mantras. The most highly recommended and effective Vedic mantra overall is the maha-mantra (“great chant for deliverance”):

hare krishna hare krishna

krishna krishna hare hare

hare rama hare rama

rama rama hare hare

Anyone who chants this mantra is said to attain the highest perfection of life—to become permanently free from all problems associated with material existence, and return to their pure, spiritual life.

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