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Prahlada Pacifies the Lord With Prayers

The boy-saint Prahlada spoke these famous verses of Srimad Bhagavatam, millions of years ago.

From a very early age, Prahlada exhibited compassion, tolerance, piety, devotion to the Lord and wisdom far beyond his years, which enraged his father Hiranyakashipu—a violently atheistic, megalomaniacal, and tyrannical absolute dictator who ruled the universe with an iron fist.

Once, in a fit of anger, Hiranyakashipu was poised to kill Prahlada when, to everyone’s surprise, a huge, fearsome being appeared from a pillar. With a human body and the head of a lion, this extremely angry and awesomely frightening creature was Nrisimhadeva, a never-before-seen avatar of Krishna who had come to drastically intervene on Prahlada’s behalf.

After disemboweling Hiranyakashipu, Nrisimhadeva’s anger continued, until Prahlada began to pacify the Lord with these eloquent and well-chosen words of praise, which sum up the Lord’s exalted position and the lamentable condition of all living beings in the material world.

Narrated by Harinama Cintamani dasi

Sanskrit and harmonium by Navina-Shyama dasa and Nila Raisz

Text: Srimad-Bhagavatam, Seventh Canto, Chapter Nine, Verse Fourteen thru Seventh Canto, Chapter Ten, Verse Fourteen, “Prahlada Pacifies the Lord With Prayers,” and “Prahlada, the Best Among Exalted Devotees”

Prahlāda Pacifies Lord Nrisimhadeva with Prayers

Running time: 33 minutes

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