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But really, isn't everything ultimately "one"?

But really, isn't everything ultimately "one"?

Our Answer:
Everything is one, in the sense that everything is either Krishna or Krishna's energy; Krishna and His energies are one and different simultaneously, like the sun and the sunshine.

But everything is not one in the sense that a tiger is not a tomato, night is not day, and a cotton ball is not a cotton shirt. The Absolute Truth has variety. Krishna is like the goldmine, and His energies are like infinite particles of gold. Qualitatively, they're one. Quantitatively, there are differences.

The understanding that everything is one is called brahman realization; all energies—tigers, tomatoes, night, day, gold, cotton—are Krishna's energy. In that sense, it's all one. But it would be a mistake to say that Krishna is identical in every respect with a tomato. Krishna is the ultimate source, the personality from whom everything comes. Understanding Him as the Supreme Person means going beyond understanding spiritual oneness.

Krishna is infinite, and from Him come infinite tomatoes; we worship tomatoes, but only after they’ve been offered to Krishna.

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