Sanjay (Mumbai, India)

Dear Srila Prabhupada,

Please accept my humble obeisances on your Divine appearance day! All glories to you!

Many years back, I read a statement pasted on a billboard outside a church – “Common-sense is not so common”.

It has taken me almost 15 years after reading that statement to realize how true that statement was, at least in my case. And the credit for making me realize goes to my association with ISKCON, especially reading from your books and listening from you and other Vaishnavas.

We see so many things and happenings in nature, the sun rising and providing us with light and heat, the rains providing us with water and so many such other things. I appreciated the chemistry professor, who mixed H2 and O and showed how to create water in a laboratory, but never thought who is creating such gigantic bodies of water like the lakes, seas and oceans!

I appreciated the taste of a wonderful recipe dished out by a cook or a creative painting by an artist, but never waited to appreciate the classy and subtle act by means of which a small seed sown fructifies into a vegetable or a fruit with such delicious tastes and varied colors.

I appreciated the imaginative work of a decorator who decorated party venues with (sometimes artificial) wonderful flowers mixed with scents, but never appreciated how superbly a bud grows into a beautiful flower and emanates better aroma than the artificial scent.

When any news broke out, say in Iraq or Israel or for that matter NASA sent a Sputnik in space, I just used to accept the newspaper reports as indisputable truth but when someone spoke about life’s principles from Bhagavad-Gita or the Vedas, I used to ask – why should I believe it? Actually it was just a matter of accepting the authority; I never went to Iraq or Israel or into space to check out the reality of the news. Similarly whatever is mentioned in the Bhagavad-Gita is indeed reality and it’s just a matter of accepting authority.

I used to scoff at, when someone asked to follow something so that my future birth will be better, but while I was being educated I was actually doing the same thing – planning for my future without knowing if it will actually exist!
I never bothered to ponder over the fact that such huge planets floating in the universe are floating without any visible assistance, whereas we cannot even make a swab of cotton float in air! So there must be some controller who makes this happen, just like, while on ground we can see an airplane fly but we cannot see the pilot!

I used to take these events, happenings and arrangements for granted, but until I read from your books and heard from your lectures and conversations, till then, I had never bothered to comprehend that how wonderfully Krishna has arranged for such things even after He having confirmed this in the Bhagavad-Gita – “Under his supervision material nature is working”.

I didn’t even bother to say a simple ‘Thank you’ to Krishna for arranging such a fantastic supply chain management process and providing us with much more than our needs, comforts and luxuries and that too without asking for any taxes.
Had it not been for you, I would have continued living a life of misapprehension, taking everything for granted. Thank you for showing me – how ungrateful a person I am, that even after being supplied common sense, I wasn’t using it!

Aspiring to become your eternal servant,
Sanjay, Mumbai, India