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Smart Quote of the Day, March 7, 2016


" . . . The very word ahankara [false ego] means 'I am doing this, I am doing that, and therefore I have become so big.'"

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Today's Smart Quote is from A Second Chance, Chapter 12, in the section entitled, "Bewildered by Desire."

So, Ajamila had this quality of gentleness, which is prominent in brahmanas. Also, despite all his training, Ajamila was not proud. He was free of ahankara, or false ego. The very word ahankara means "I am doing this, I am doing that, and therefore I have become so big." Ajamila was free of this attitude. Nor was he envious. In these degraded times, everyone is envious of one or more persons. But brahmanas like Ajamila are free of this propensity. Only when one has acquired these brahminical qualities and is accustomed to brahminical habits can one expect to be liberated from material bondage.