Smart Quote of the Day, August 11, 2015


" . . . any rascal who advertises himself as God is the greatest fool in human society."

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Today's Smart Quote is from Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Chapter Sixty-six, The Deliverance of Paundraka and the King of Kasi:

. . . At this time, Lord Krishna told Paundraka, “Paundraka, you requested Me to give up the symbols of Lord Vishnu, specifically My disc. Now I will give it up to you. Be careful! You falsely declare yourself Vasudeva, imitating Me. Therefore no one is a greater fool than you.”

From this statement of Krishna’s it is clear that any rascal who advertises himself as God is the greatest fool in human society. Krishna continued: “Now, Paundraka, I shall force you to give up this false representation. You wanted Me to surrender unto you. Now this is your opportunity. We shall now fight, and if I am defeated and you are victorious, I shall certainly surrender unto you.”

In this way, after chastising Paundraka very severely, Krishna smashed Paundraka’s chariot to pieces by shooting an arrow. Then with the help of His disc He separated Paundraka’s head from his body, just as Indra shaves off the peaks of mountains by striking them with his thunderbolt. Similarly, Krishna also killed the King of Kasi with His arrows.

Lord Krishna specifically arranged to throw the head of the King of Kasi into the city of Kasi itself so that his relatives and family members could see it. Krishna did this just as a hurricane carries a lotus petal here and there. Lord Krishna killed Paundraka and his friend Kasiraja on the battlefield, and then He returned to His capital city, Dvaraka.