Spiritual Eating

Food that's been offered to Krishna with devotion is called prasadam ("the Lord's mercy"). The difference between spiritual and material food is the same as the difference between spiritual and material anything: spiritual means "alive, real, and satisfying." Material means temporary, illusory, disappointing.

When we offer our food to God, and God accepts it, our eating becomes spiritualized—nourishing body, mind, and spirit. Find out how we know what kinds of food God accepts and what He doesn't, what ingredients He prefers (along with helpful recipe suggestions) and especially how it's possible to become God realized simply by eating.


  • Food.Krishna.com—providing necessary resources on the ins and outs of spiritual eating, including recipe suggestions, tips, and more. . .
  • Purified Eating—An Indian guest at our Hare Krishna center in Boise once told us, “My father was very strict in his daily habits and spiritual practices. He would eat only food cooked by his own hands.” more . . .
  • Wonderful Prasadam—The members of the Krishna consciousness movement have been busy for the last thirty years cooking and distributing large amounts of spiritual food, and therefore the movement has sometimes been referred to as “the kitchen religion.” more . . .
  • A Leaf, A Fruit, A Flower—Part I—Because God is spiritual and everything comes from Him. everything is really spiritual: it has simply become covered by a material curtain. By offering something back to God, the material curtain is removed, and the object’s real spiritual potential is revealed.more . . .

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"An Indian guest once told us, 'My father was very strict in his habits and spiritual practices. He would eat only food cooked by his own hands. . . '”

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