Sukirtee Krishna das

Please accept our most humble obeisances unto your lotus feet,

It is a most glorious moment in our life to get an opportunity to glorify you.

Because of your mercy—through your disciple Jayapataka Swami—we came to this Krishna consciousness and found a meaning in our life.

After coming to the Krishna consciousness movement, we slowly came to know about your divine contribution. Your uncompromising preaching and spiritual literary work have made a tremendous revolution in this world.

Srila Prabhupada, your unflinching faith in your guru—Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Maharaj—and your true devotion to Krishna, you made it possible even for a common layman to understand God and our relationship with Him.

Your simplicity, sincerity, and dedication are the basic guidelines for all those who want advance in spiritual life/lead a true spiritual life.

Your knowledge is unlimited, and your intensity is unlimited.

On this auspicious day, we beg Lord Krishna to spread your name more and more all over world and give all fallen souls like us a chance to understand the importance of spiritual life. And also we request you to please keep us at your lotus feet.

Your unqualified spiritual grandchildren,

Sukirtee Krishna das/Malinikanti devidasi, hari & indu.