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Hare Krishna.

HAre Krishna to all the devotee's of Lord Krishna.
HAre Krishna.

Attempt to ban Bhagavad-gita in Russia

Hare Krishna! Dear devotees, please sign this petition. Jay Prabhupada!

Bhagavad-gita As It Is, one of the most respected holy scriptures of the world today, is under the threat of being banned in Russia.

The court proceedings will resume in Siberian city Tomsk, Russia, on Monday 19th. The prosecutors in Tomsk suggest that the widely distributed book translated and commented upon by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada should be included in the Justice Ministry's list of banned extremist literature.

Bhagavad-gita As It Is is translated in more than 80 languages. Over 100 million copies of this book was distributed to date all over the world! Millions of people in the world today consider it as the main book in their life.

The prosecutors with great determination and vigor are pushing through this absurd case. During the first three court hearings, the testimony of the Tomsk experts upon which the prosecutors built their case for the court was recognized as «inadequate». However, the Prosecutor's Office
ordered the new testimony. Noteworthy, that the testimony was requested not from the well-known experts of Hinduism from Moscow, but from some unknown experts from Kemerovo State University. This move clearly suggests that the court decision is already predestined. This practice brings to memory the Middle Age Inquisition, Witch hunting, burning of books and the persecution of the dissidents during Soviet period of Russian history.

ead more:

Tomsk Ombudsperson, eminent scholars of Hinduism, the members of the Public Chamber of Russian Federation, representatives of Indian community in Russia, and people belonging to different religious denominations in Russia have already expressed their perplexity and outrage caused by the activities of Tomsk prosecutors.

We demand to stop the court over the Holy Scripture! These initiatives of the Tomsk Prosecutor’s Office offend the religious sentiments of all the followers of Hinduism and bring disgrace to the country of Russia.

Once you sign the petition - you will receive e-mail asking you to confirm your vote. This is very important - otherwise it will be canceled.
And please share this link to your friends.



Govinda dasi ACBSP


Govinda dasi’s Blog and Website

We will be posting portions of Govinda dasi’s new book “SRILA PRABHUPADA: THE EARLY DAYS”
with many unpublished vintage photos of Srila Prabhupada from 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, and later, with an emphasis on his many visits to Hawaii.

MAY 4-7, 2012
51 Coelho Way, Honolulu, Hawaii
(808) 595-4913


Please come visit us!

"Can you find Krishna?" 3d Video Game Tech Demo

Greetings Krishna.Com Members!

This is Devanandana Dasa featuring a Hare Krishna Video Game I put together called "Can you Find Krishna?"

The game is designed as a dimple demonstraiton of what technology can do when put into Krishna's Service.

Please visit my HTTP:// Landing Page and See the game content for yourself.

I hope my site meets your aproval it has taken some care and consideraiton.

Tell me what you think here or post on the Comment Page.

Have a great day Prabhus and Matajis!

HG Mahatma Prabhu's Tuesday Night Classes

I will be posting the title of His Grace Mahatma Prabhu's Tuesday night classes here. Please watch this space for class information. Hope to see you on live chat!

Tuesday night's class is entitled, "Balancing Attraction and Duty."

How can we remain inspired when we don't always feel naturally attracted to doing our sadhana and service, but sometimes (or often) feel very attracted to material activities? How can we be enlivened when faced with reoccurring attachments that divert us from Krsna? How do we become steady when confronted with obstacles that tend to threaten our devotional creepers? And how can we not be discouraged when dealing with these, and other aspects of our shadow, when we understand that the inspiration - indeed the secret of bhakti - is a natural attraction and taste for service?

Tuesday night we look at these questions and the issues that surround them.

Go to from 8pm to 9pm EST on Tuesday July 31.


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HG Mahatma Prabhu's YouTube channel

Hare Krsna!

My most humble obeisances and respects to you. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Please have a look at HG Mahatma Prabhu's YouTube channel. There will be various lectures of his that you can watch (including the Tuesday night classes on, kirtan, and a lot more.

More videos will be posted soon. If you'd like to be notified of anything new on a regular basis, you can subscribe to his channel here:

Mahatma Prabhu is a disciple of Srila Prabhupada and his lectures are very inspiring. Two and a half years ago, when I was new to Krsna consciousness, it was by the grace of Mahatma Prabhu that I came to understand Krsna consciousness and its practices a lot better. I hope he can help you also.

Your servant,

Krishna Drive Android APP!

KrishnaDrive is an Android application with the sole objective to spread the messages of Lord Krishna. Stay connected to the glorious rhythm of the Supreme Lord by reading the divine messages from great scriptures like Bhagvad Gita and Srimad Bhagvatam received using this application. You would receive 2 messages from the app on a daily basis.

Download Now: