Krishna Book

Pictorials in Krishna Book

I think it would be awsome if ISKCON would produce a Pictorial Krisna Book, with lots of pictures but not entirely like the Childrens Krishna Book.

The Danger of Material Opulence

So many people are asking every day, why Krishna doesn't respond to my prayers, why Krishna doesn't give me this? Why Krishna doesn't solve my problems. Now we can see, this is exactly how Krishna loves us by not making us comfortable in this world...otherwise, if we approach Krishna only for material purposes, we'd be exactly like Lord Indra as described here:

King Indra’s behavior toward Krishna was not very much appreciated by great sages like Sukadeva Gosvami. Out of His causeless mercy, Krishna had gone to the heavenly kingdom, Amaravati, to present King Indra with his mother’s earrings, which had been lost to Bhaumasura, and Indra had been very glad to receive them. But when a parijata tree from the heavenly kingdom was taken by Krishna, Indra had fought with Him. This was self-interest on the part of Indra. He had offered his prayer, tipping down his head to the lotus feet of Krishna, but as soon as his purpose had been served, he became a different creature. That is the way of the dealings of materialistic men. Materialistic men are always interested in their own profit. For this purpose they can offer any kind of respect to anyone, but when their personal interest is over, they are no longer friends. This selfish nature is found not only among the richer class of men on this planet but even in personalities like Indra and other demigods. Too much wealth makes a man selfish. A selfish man is not prepared to take to Krishna consciousness and is condemned by great devotees like Sukadeva Gosvami. In other words, possession of too many worldly riches is a disqualification for advancement in Krishna consciousness.