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Prayer to Lord Shiva on MahAShivrAtri day/eve

O Lord Shiva, Shambho ShankarA
O BholenAth who showers kindness literally with eyes closed, but then opens them anyway letting Your smile and eyes create yet another torrent of kindness,
O Gopeshwar MahAdev, who went to such great lengths to be a beautiful Gopi
just to sneak into the MahArAs, and Whom that Vrajanandan recognized right away with a very intimate affectionate grin, but let you in anyway

I have come to You on this very special day
For the very dust of Your Lotus Feet

As BAl KRshNa made bubbles in His morning saffron-milk and YashodA-MaiyA made wide eyes to reprimand Him, He simply drank another sip in obedience and then extended His baby hand holding the bowl to You, and You drank it in bliss. He picked a piece of apple or banana from His plate and offered it to you with His baby hands. At times He climbed into Your lap. How blissful You looked together.

May this ShivrAtri-Leela turn the bud-minds of devotees into blossoming flowers.

O Nandishvara, Beloved of NandaNandan, Who out of infinite kindness allowed AkAshGanga from Shri Hari's Lotus Feet to cascade onto Your shisha , so as to dampen Her pace for us beings,
Who is utmost pleased with, graces and blesses the jivas that serve Lord Hari,
Kindly bless this jeev with KrishNa prem that is nirguN beyond the three modes of nature, and may i be able to serve Him, His devotees and His creation.

(MahAShivrAtri 2011)

Hare KRshNa