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Salvation, see also Liberation


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Get free and stay free

Liberation is our natural, free, spiritual condition, minus all the harsh conditions of material nature. In the material world, we're forced to endure repeated birth and death, old age, and diseases. We're not free. But in the spiritual world, where most people live, everyone is liberated—just as "out of jail" is where most law-abiding citizens are.

To become liberated—and stay that way—we need to get free from the mindset that keeps us in material bondage, which is, "I am this body and the world is mine to enjoy as I please." We're spiritual beings, and meant to act in harmony with the supreme whole, the Absolute Truth, or Krishna. If our actions are informed by spiritual knowledge, we're already liberated, for all intents and purposes, even while we're still inside material bodies.

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Beyond just being free from material restrictions, liberation—mukti—comes in several varieties, depending on how we want to relate with the Supreme Person. We can live on the same planet as the Supreme Person, have His personal association, or have the same bodily features and opulence as He does.

But pure devotees of Krishna, the Supreme Person, never even desire any of those kinds of liberation. They're so satisfied in their service that all they want is to continue serving Him, no matter where they are.