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Below is a list (scroll to see it) of Hare Krishna temples with webcams. These cameras are connected to the Internet and programmed to take pictures every few seconds and send them to

Note the local time and posted schedule on each page. At nighttime (locally) you won't see much. During the day you'll see live images of the temple room and altars showcasing elaborately decorated deity forms of Krishna and His expansions. When there's activity going on, it's often arati, a traditional worship ceremony, along with kirtan, the melodious call-and-response chanting of sacred mantras accompanied by musical instruments.

Some of the cameras also pivot and swivel to give different angles of vision. Depending on the time of day—and if the temple has a microphone installed for Internet broadcast—you can also hear live audio.

If you live near (or far from) a temple that you wish had a webcam but doesn’t, find out how to have one installed. Our webcams are maintained and supported by donations from people who enjoy being able to visit their favorite temple from home.

Ever wonder what goes on inside a Hare Krishna temple but were afraid to find out? Live too far from a temple to go visit? Stuck at home for whatever reason, but don’t want to miss classes, kirtans, or seeing the beautiful forms of the Krishna deities? Bookmark your favorite temple webcam right away!

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