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What are the benefits of chanting?

Q : what are the benefits of chanting?

A : The benefits are various. Our minds become purified so we can understand our spiritual nature. Right now we identify ourselves with our bodies and minds and thus we are often in pain or perplexity. When we realize our spiritual nature through chanting, we will no longer identify with these.

Q : can I say, “to go back to Godhead, to control our senses?”

A : Yes, both can be accomplished by chanting.

Q : don’t think that I am testing you. I really want to know

A : Yes. All spiritual and material perfections are possible for one who chants for the chanting pleases the Lord of all benedictions.

Q : if some one asks me, “why do you want to go back to Godhead?” then how should I reply?

A : There is not the inconvenience of death which periodically separates us from our beloved friends, family, and property, and forces us to start from square one in our next life.

Q : how can we please our guru (spiritual master)?

A : Just do what the guru says, respectfully considering him as God's representative.