About Krishna

When we say “Krishna,” we’re talking about God. Many people—especially outside of India—have never heard of Krishna before. They may think Krishna is a “different God” from the one they worship. But there’s only one Supreme Person, and Krishna is one of His names.

The name Krishna literally means “all-attractive.” So, not only is Krishna/God all-powerful and all-knowing, He’s also the most beautiful Person.

Why should that matter to us? We’re all parts of Krishna—as drops of ocean water are tiny samples of the ocean. The more we know about Krishna, the better we understand ourselves—and the easier it is to understand what life is for.


  • Krishna the Person—Who is this person whom so many Vedic authorities and spiritual teachers throughout the centuries and millennia have called the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and who spoke such powerful and succinct wisdom in His book Bhagavad-gita?
  • Krishna Consciousness—Learn about this simple, direct, yet unlimitedly profound practice of bhakti-yoga, or linking our individual consciousness with the Supreme consciousness. Find out how is this done and how Krishna consciousness can enhance our daily lives.
  • The Reading Room—Here you'll find collections of in-depth articles on the many practical applications of the philosophy and practice of Krishna consciousness, a helpful Overview introducing Krishna Himself as well as many of the key elements of His teachings, lots of background information on Back to Godhead Magazine (our parent company)