Krishna consciousness isn't simply a collection of fanciful ideas. Its teachings have been practiced for thousands of years, and are as useful and practical now as ever. We encourage you to apply this knowledge in your own life.

Discover for yourself — whatever the topic: any of life's problems, relationships, reincarnation, economics, death, or even one of the many social issues we all face, Krishna consciousness offers a clear approach and a practical solution.

  • Life's Problems—It's always something, and sometimes it's everything. Why is it that things don't always go the way we want them to, and when they do, they're over all too soon? Many, many articles here on the incompatibility of spirit and matter.
  • Social Issues—A wide variety of reasonable spiritual reflections—and potential solutions—to some of the more difficult material problems we face in the world today.
  • Bodies and Souls—What's the difference between a living body and a dead body? What's the essential difference between the stuff we call "matter" and the life force within?

  • Existence of God—For many people, this is a big question. How can we know for sure that there is a God? What kind of evidence are we willing to accept?

  • Reincarnation—The science of the changing body. When one wears out, we get another, and another, and another. How does this work, and how can we avoid the hassle?
  • Death and Dying—Why do we fear death? Mostly because we don't understand it. We're alive now, and we expect to stay that way. What is this phenomenon, really?
  • Science—Did evolution really happen? How did the universe really start? What happens when great scientific minds use their smarts to examine what's beyond the scope of accepted "scientific" study, like "spirit?"
  • Faith(s) and Knowledge—Why do religions often disagree? How can we learn about anything beyond our experience? Is there a combination of faith and knowledge required?