Are Krishna consciousness and bhakti-yoga the same thing?

The word bhakti can be translated as “Krishna consciousness,” or "devotional service"— terms Srila Prabhupada often used. When he started an institution where persons on the bhakti path could find fellowship and inspiration, he called it “The International Society for Krishna Consciousness.”

All souls have an eternal relationship with Krishna. This relationship is what defines our identity. We are all originally Krishna conscious—aware of our relationship with Krishna and always acting in that relationship. Now, in our material condition, we've forgotten that relationship, which is one of pure love. So awakening our Krishna consciousness means awakening our bhakti .

The heart of bhakti practice is to hear about Krishna, because hearing makes us conscious of Him. And the more we are conscious of Krishna, the more our natural love for Him is drawn out.

All bhakti practices are meant to serve the purpose of remembering Krishna. An understanding of this principle guides each bhakti practitioner in how to apply Krishna consciousness in daily life.