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Full Moon and Prabhupada's acceptance of Sannyas

Today will bring a full moon. It was quite beautiful this morning, so please take some time to see it tonight or tomorrow morning. And with the full moon comes the first day of another Vedic month. Now wouldn't that be great to have that as the standard for the world? It just seems so natural to begin a month with the moon, and acknowledging it's influence and our dependence on the cycles of nature.

I remember many years ago when I lived in the Berkeley Temple. We had a bhakta program (for educating new people) where we were pretty liberal in who we would let participate and live in the Temple. On a full moon day, it became apparent that one of the "bhaktas" was not suitable for ashram life. ;-))

During the middle of greeting the Deities he screamed out, "I am God", and spun around wildly. We quickly removed him (as you can imagine) and told him it would be better for him (for us really) if he would not continue living in the Temple. He disagreed and refused to take off his devotional clothes. We had a problem on our hands and called the police to have him removed. They came and took him away. I apologized, and one of the officers smiled, and said, "Well, it was a full moon last night". They always have more problems on a full moon.....that is where the word lunatic come from.

Today is also the anniversary day of Shrila Prabhupada taking sannyasa or the renounced order of life, where one formally severs ones connection to their family and completely devotes themselves to Krishna's service. One can do that as a married person, but the sannyasis have an important role in society as traveling preachers, and teaching the importance of a life dedicated to seva (service),

So we can meditate how Prabhupada left his material family to adopt us as his spiritual family---as spiritual sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters etc. He said as much, that although he had given up wife, family and home, now he had so many homes around the world and so many new family members (who were much more agreeable to his mission than his wife and children).

So Prabhupada left his family to save us. Otherwise where would we be today?

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Srila Prabhupada

Anytime I feel my faith waivering a bit, I think of EVEYTHING Srila Prabhupada went through to get here and do what he did. For someone to travel halfway across the world with a very small amount of money and open temples and write as MUCH as he did is just simply amazing. And seemingly impossible. It just shows the power of Krishna, and the sincerity of what he believed. To walk away from the security of your wife and kids and walk head on into the unknown shows me that Krishna Consciousness is something very real. Just think how far we would get now if we were called upon to do his work. I don't think I could possiby compare. Words can't express the awe I have for A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.