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Some Ideas and Words to live by:

Some Ideas and Words to live by:

See your self as more than the body.

You are an eternal soul or the animating consciousness of the body---yet learn to be as present here as possible while you keep your ultimate objective to revive your spirituality.

The ultimate cause of all causes is God (Krishna), and then comes the soul, and then our karma (previous actions), which are facilitated by our genes and our body and life circumstances.

Always remember Krishna and never forget him.

Do what is favorable for Bhakti, and avoid what is unfavorable for Bhakti.

Believe in a power greater than your self, which you are a part of.

Believe in yourself.

Love yourself (because you are part of God), as you endeavor to love God, who is the Source of everything, and within everyone.

Love people, seeing them as the family of God.

Choose to be Positive.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude is the cure for lethargy.

We are creatures of habit---use that to your advantage!

Move beyond your comfort zone if you want to amount to anything more than you are now.

Understand yourself.

Learn to be honest with yourself and others.

Become a mini-philosopher. That will help you deal with life's reverses.

Understand the Law of Karma, and how it applies to you (don't just talk about it).

Learn from every experience.

See every person and situation as your teacher, and look for the life lessons!

Study how your mind and its' thoughts effect your life.

See whatever happens to you as meant for your highest good.

Make personal growth and spirituality a priority in life.

Begin your day with spiritual practice.

Make your life a work of art and an offering to God.

Search for your true self, and Find yourself.

Discover your Mission and your unique gifts.

Be responsible---yet with humor.

Do what you love, the money will follow.

If you are lazy at work, don't think your company has to keep you employed.

Life does not owe you a living.

There are lucky breaks, but don't live life like you will win the lottery.

Don't just go through the motions---every situation is important.

Be a participant in your life—-not a spectator in others.

Be open to receive your inner guidance, and seek confirmation.

Find spiritual mentors who inspire you, and whom you can trust.

Keep good spiritual association.

Learn to really listen.

Ask and question.

Go beyond externals.

Practice humility, while giving respect to others---yet think big.

Take yourself lightly, yet be committed to your ideals.

There are no accidents or anything unfair.

Justice rules, though there is the possibility of Grace (Thank God).

Love is beyond justice.

Love is the glue that holds everything.

God is the life of all that lives.

God is the creator, maintainer, and destroyer of everything.

God is more than the sum of all his parts.

God is more than love.

God is the source of everything.

God is the cause of all causes---but don't blame him for your problems.

God is Light----and Darkness!!!!

Nothing can exist without him.

Not a blade of grass moves without his will, though he is not to blame for human being's misuse of their own tiny free will.

Worldly reasoning only goes so far in understanding God.

God is ultimately inconceivable, though we can know him to an extent by his mercy through revelation.

The universe is set up to favor the pious and the Godly.

God is not partial in a world sense, but favors those on the path of knowing and loving him.

Give this one life to Krishna.