Small decisions make all the difference

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Layers of relative truth
one may apply today
others at different times
in our changing lives.

In principle I want
the Absolute and highest Truth,
yet my desires and conditioning
prevent my following that completely.

I try to make the Absolute Truth
my northern star guiding me---
though that is something, it is a far cry
from making my heart one with Krishna.

Scriptures, spiritual spouse,
friends, saints and guru
give us general
recommendations for life.

Yet in our everyday,
often ordinary life decisions,
what do we have beyond
our thoughts, feelings, and inclinations?
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Never the less, we have to live with making
a change, or our staying a particular course
and at the time of death deal with
our not following our inner knowing.

On the other side, lusty or frivolous desires
also whisper or sometimes scream
for us to follow their call, and we have
to know how to keep them at bay.

Honest reality means balancing the
material and spiritual necessities, knowing that
whatever side we give the most attention
demonstrates where we are on the map.

To really receive guidance from life we
have to take the time to think deeply about
and feel the results we receive from
our decisions and activities, and pray.
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Our inner guidance and knowing
from life is like a muscle which will
become stronger from use
or weaker from neglect.

Moment by moment
day by day decisions
make up the tapestry
of the big picture of life.

From that perspective
no decision is unimportant--
every decision adds a least a shade
to life's canvas we are painting.

We can't expect to wake up
one morning and love Krishna
without choosing the small right steps
as we walk on the road of life.

I have read that an airliner
is off course every minute
and the on board computer has to
constantly make course corrections.

And so at every moment
we have to choose
what is right for us
and distinguish reality from illusion.
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