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Let our souls sing and dance together

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The flute player, Krishna, calling all souls photo 10481342_489232901207738_7996257060_zpsde3bba69.jpg
Eyes closed
concentration inward,
down and around
the spiral staircase
to the depths
of my soul
to find my
inspirational Source.

It is as far
as I can go
through the
coverings of matter,
earth, water,
fire, air, either--
subtle mind
and intellect,
then the false ego:
I, me, mine.

The soul sits
on the
life air
in the heart,
asleep to
her real nature,
potential and
root desires,
embarking on
an un-merry-go-round.
 photo TheProphecyMerry-Go-Round-401Blog_zpsfad8ba70.jpg
I partially know--
from being
out of my body,
and from
Vedic knowledge--
my eternal
souls reality, and
her primary
need to
love the Divine.

I understand
the importance of
of being balanced,
while working
according to
physical necessities,
with the
ultimate aim
of making progress
our real,
soul satisfaction.

The search
for happiness,
avoiding distress
rules us,
true blessings
are neither,
only waking
from the dream
will satisfy
desires for bliss.
 photo Alex-Grey-Meditation12_zpsd7febd18.jpg
So I sit
and go inward
catching the
flame of inspiration,
and wanting
to share it
with those
who come thirsty
to understand
beyond the superficial.

My prayer
is that my
Divine Muse,
will inspire
and empower me
with spiritual potency
to affect
a change
and awakening
in us all--
we sleeping souls.

I speak
not in pride,
but as a brother
not free myself,
yet who sees
the glimmer
of light, something more,
which calls me
and every soul
back to our
Source--Shri Krishna.

So drink
my offerings
given with love,
and be open
to be carried
away to
the homeland
of the heart,
and let our
souls dance together
to our eternal
song (Krishna nam)
and the
music of life.
 photo 581514_191048047680688_1609237902_n_zps1262d232.jpg

Combined comments from old site

Sat, 06/20/2009 - 19:51 — abrennan
Dear brother

You always inspire us and push us further and higher on our journey. You are a bright shining jewel, in my experience. What you offer to us "Glows like burning coal" as mr Zimmerman tells it in his song. I told you that before, it sticks in my mind.

"The search for happiness
avoiding distress
rules us,
true blessings
are neither,
only waking from the dream will satisfy desires for bliss."

Only waking from the dream will satisfy at all. The search for happiness and the avoidance of distress is what we involve ourselves in when we are deep in our ignorance of Him. By His mercy we somehow glimpse that there is more to life than this.

My prayer is the same as yours. "Wake up sleeping soul, here is our chance. We have somehow tripped and fallen at the feet of the Lord. His feet are a boat, and the entry ticket is to chant His holy names. Quickly lets climb on."

I can feel the dance begining deep within. I can hear the drums and the kartals in the distance. The voices rise and rise and rise, then fall.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna
Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama
Hare Hare

souls dance together
to our eternal
song (Krishna nam)
and the
music of life


Mon, 10/08/2007 - 05:13 — pallavi goyal
wonderfully potrayed!

wonderfully potrayed!

Mon, 10/08/2007 - 13:57 — Karnamrita.das
Thank you!

I always appreciate hearing from my dear brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews, in our wonderful family of Shri Krishna, and Shri Chaitanyadeva and their followers like our Prabhupada. Though I do write as seva, it is nice to know you are benefiting from my labor of love. Everyone needs feedback about their efforts, so we can stay on the right track, and also improve. We are all a work in progress. Those engaged in the bhakti process are in the shower of devotional service, and scrubbing away our impurities or anarthas.

Your friend in Krishna,