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Rite of Passage--A call

Moving from one dimensional
to multidimensional,
from enjoyer or exploiter to Giver
the responsibility of elder.

60 is the age of elder
though whenever called after 50,
requires confronting core issues--
impediments to service as elder and healer.

Same issues as always
but now an urgency,
the last third of life
the inner push of responsibility.

Standing at another crossroads
forced to make decisions,
having to grow up
transcending being a "man".

Modern man's illusion
of sexual prowess,
world domination
and control of others.

Young babes an object
to "love" and enjoy,
the world as "mine"
to exploit as I choose.

Bodily identification
is sleep for the soul,
and whatever feeds that
has to be let go.

Teaching by example
stronger than words,
so to walk my talk
I must embody my path.

Not a question of "shoulds"
but a way of being,
giving equally without material
consideration of good or bad.

Connecting soul to soul free
from material attraction/repulsion,
unconditional love and giving
not seeing a possession.

Standing at proverbial cliff
chased by demons:
hesitancy, lust and delusion,
I have to jump or perish.

jumping off cliff

combined comments

Unconditional Love

Dear Karnamrita Das Prabhu,

At the edge of your cliff,
it is not jump or perish.
There is only one way up,
Unconditional Love.

Your Servant and Friend,
Navasi Devi Dasi

So many chances

Certainly there is no perishing for we souls. Sometimes though metaphors are useful for going forward. I could have said, "jump or just sputter", or "just hang on" etc, but they don't have the same punch and sense of urgency. I have no Kshatriya (warrior) blood, nor even any Vaishya (merchant), still some images from those paths can move me. The hope and prayer is to go forward, not just to be an idle dreamer, or a riven cloud.

Real love is always the answer.

I appreciate your comment.

Your friend in Krishna,


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Moving Forward

Thinking some more on your comment to my comment :) : ) :) :
I appreciate what you said about moving forward, that you do not wish to be an idle dreamer or a riven cloud,
That's a powerful metaphor in itself and wow! I really respect and admire that thought!!!!!
Thanks for sharing that!
That motivates me very much! But, then, you and what you write here ALWAYS MOTIVATES ME!!!
(as you already know too well! :)
You are quite an EXCELLENT motivater!! Is that part of being a Healer???

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Either Way.

Dear Karnamrita Prabhu,
Thank you for what you said. Actually, I understood that. Of course I did not think you were talking about really perishing or jumping off a cliff! :)
Still, your metaphor moved me, and I thought to myself, well there is actually another way out of difficulties that make us "feel" like we must jump or perish, and that is to "rise above" them. A "third" way out, rather than only the two you were speaking of.
To me, the best way to "rise above" is to find more love in our hearts.... sometimes, the love that's needed is more love for our Spiritual Master, Srila Prahbupad, sometimes it's more love for our Godbrothers/Sisters, sometimes it's more love for all of the many souls that Krishna loves, (and He loves every single living entity, not one of us is more dear to Him than another of us) (of course a relationship with Him makes us more dear, but that is for another topic).
Now, this is of course just something that personally helps me with my particular difficulties, but that's all I can share with you, my personal things.
I thought it was something worth saying to you though, regardless of the fact that I know you understand all of this already, we sometimes have others reading what we say, so...
Also, since ultimately, Krishna consciousness is all about developing Real Love, Love of Krishna, so then, how could it hurt when you are faced with cliff jumping or perishing (even metaphoricaly) to choose "more love" as a third and (I think:) better option.
Not to detract from the message of your very meaningful and beautiful poem, because we all need to read these kinds of messages, helping us to understand that we all face difficulties, sometimes so great that we truly feel we must jump off a cliff or perish, sometimes even literally. No metahpors intended.
I understand that.
Love to You, Karnamrita Das,

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Churning and clarifying

As far as I understand this medium of blogging (or any writing or speaking), it is meant to stimulate discussion, and making more. Not that I think I have said everything conclusively, with no need to go deeper.

As I have said my blogging is a discipline for me. I just sit down and write for an hour or two, and edit it very little. And even if I took a month to write it, there would still be more to say. That is why we have classes on the scriptures, to churn the cream of what Prabhupada or someone other great devotee has said, and bring out more light. Not that we should say (as some devotees do) after reading a purport, "Well who could say it better", and then not say anything. So all comments are welcome and desirable. That is good for me, and for everyone. Then we have life in this forum.

Comments are welcomeComments are welcome

I believe it is important to know the background of every speaker or writer, as well as what they have been through and where they are at this time in their life. That will make reading or hearing what they say more meaningful. We have different natures, personalities, and experiences, and that can't help influence our perspective. One philosophy or tattva, but many perspectives or emphasis due to the factors mentioned.

flying off cliffflying off cliff

I always appreciate your comments. Thanks for giving me a sail for my upward journey off the cliff!!!

Your friend in Krishna,


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Well, Karnamrita das,
Thank you for letting me,
(give you the sail that is).
I love your pictures, they make me laugh!!! :)
So creative!!!